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Get ready to rumble… we have a great online talk show ready to take you to the next level. You’ll find out what stops you, what starts you, and what keeps you in the game of achievement and results. R.E.A.P. what you S.O.W. and the rest will follow.

  • Redefine your goals, your habits, your obligations, your desires
  • Educate and Expand your mind, your body, your conscious and unconscious, you’ll learn new techniques, new ways to look at everything, you’ll become informed on what you know and what you do not know.
  • Apply what you learn and see what you get; when we apply we play the game. As long as we continue to apply we learn what works and what does not work and then we apply something else.
  • Plan and it shall be. Now that we have learned and applied what works, we can develop a plan and strategy to achieve our goals efficiently and enthusiastically.
  • Success is what we get when we R.E.A.P. regularly.
  • Over and over again, we consistently practice success in all areas of our lives.
  • Wealth is the result of Success. Wealth is measured in many ways and depending on your results, you will experience wealth in all areas of your life, work, and love.

We have a great show with a list of successful guests who will share their experiences both personally and professionally. Expect homework that will change the way you look at your life and your business. We’ll have shows dedicated to my exclusive Success Conditioning Workouts©. These are designed to not only make you think, but to take action and get more than you expected. Do you want more from life? Listen to Elana Daley on “R.E.A.P. what you S.O.W”, every Thursday at 11am.

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June 2007

6/21/07 - Preparing Ourselves for Elder Care
Today’s show we will talk with Marilyn Berman, Regional Community Educator for ‘Help Unlimited’. Help Unlimited is an organization that provides professional assistance and medical care solutions for those who may be disabled, terminally ill, or require long term assistance. Their caregivers are unique and understanding and are carefully matched to meet the needs of their clients. We’ll talk about the growing population of seniors, their needs as well as the changing trends of in home care giving. If you have a loved one who needs assistance, this show is a must. Listen, learn and prepare. And remember when you REAP what you SOW you grow.

6/14/07 - Science of Success
Returning guest, speaker, and well known author, James Ray joins host Elana Daley to discuss his latest book, “Science of Success” and the tools he offers in his DVD training course. Join us for an in depth discussion about what is the science of success and how you can make it work in your own life.

6/7/07 - Feng Shui in the Workplace – Special Encore Presentation!
Elana Daley and Kartar Diamond will be discussing the importance of energy and how it works where you work. Learn from a master of Feng Shui what is necessary. Kartar will dispel myths and generalizations around Feng Shui and simplify the art to distinguish the reality from the hype. You’ll learn how to protect yourself from harmful environments, and incorporate practical solutions. Learn what will work for you and how to implement it at work and at home. Kartar is a best selling author and travels worldwide to provide consulting services. Listen and learn about what she has seen in her experience, gain inspiration, knowledge and practical solutions on how to make your surroundings more conducive to success.

May 2007

5/31/07 - Mortgage Madness
Currently renting? Do you own your own home and dread the mortgage payment? Have you received calls to refinance lately? Learn about how a home mortgage works, prepare yourself to get one, learn about products and the difference between Prime and Subprime. What’s it going to take to become a happy home owner? Whether you have a mortgage or want to have one, this show will give you the inside word on the current mortgage marketplace. You’ll know what to watch for when strangers call selling you a refinance or new home loan. Listen and learn, then REAP what you SOW and grow with your host Elana Daley.

5/24/07 - Credit-the myth, the mystique, the madness
Do you know your fico score? Do you know how credit reports work and how creditors use them? How much of your material wealth is on credit? Affluence is the fluidity of funds moving through your hands. Is that what you want, money flowing in and equally flowing out? Or would you prefer to have security and a savings account? Listen to Elana Daley educate you on credit, how to avoid the pitfalls and make it work for you. Overcome the credit card syndrome and live a more harmonious peaceful existence within your means. REAP what you SOW and let the good times roll with your host Elana Daley.

5/17/07 - Budget-Why, When, How? Part ll
An ongoing discussion about what makes us fear money. Why we mishandle it and how to remain focused on what is important. We’ll discuss pitfalls of lottery winners, people who mismanage inheritances or large sums of money that they never had before. We’ll access the tools to managing our lives both in business finance and personal finance. The importance of today’s show is how to hold on to money and still get what we want. Do you have money concerns, this show is a must for you!

5/10/07 - Budget-Why, When, How?
Whether its finances, time, projects, or figuring out how much you need, having a budget is much like having a plan. Discover why budgeting is a good practice. Determine when it’s best to implement a budget. Learn how to budget for optimum success. Elana Daley, success coach and performance expert takes you on a learning path to budget for best results and outcome. If you are squandering, you may not know it. Listen to this show and gain vital information on budgeting. It’s just one more way to simplify success and R.E.A.P. what you S.O.W.

5/3/07 - Specific, Measurable, Tangible - How’s that Resolution working for you?
Revisit the resolutions set at the start of 2007. Confirm where you’ve dropped the ball and where you’ve placed focus. Distinguish what had you give up in some areas and get focused in others. Take on the inquiry and re-evaluate the areas that are important. Implement flexibility, milestones, and prepare to re-commit. Get back on the train of productivity and accomplishment with Elana Daley. Simplify and be successful with the process and your results will astound you.

April 2007

4/26/07 - Preparation-The Key to Success
In every situation, preparation is key. It enables us to be better negotiators, presenters, writers, and communicators. It’s what makes the difference when we test our limits and self imposed constraints. Why then do so many wait until the last minute to prepare or even more fail to prepare and attempt to “wing it”? Flapping in the wind is great for birds but often that action takes us down a path of self destruction and failure that is easily avoidable. Learn the steps to prepare for your next adventure. Discover new ways to keep the focus and relieve the stress that accompanies the “wing it” philosophy. Be the best you can be and R.E.A.P. what you S.O.W. by being prepared.

4/19/07 - Ebb & Flow
Meet a woman who has mastered the art of change. Olga is the epitomizes characteristics of a change expert. Learn the tribulations that she changed into triumphs when events occurred in her life, work, and with family. See how one woman mastered several occupations and brought about success in the face of all change. We’ll have a fun, dynamic conversation about what it takes to keep it going yesterday, today, and apply it to tomorrow so we can R.E.A.P. the rewards of our actions Successfully over and over again. Learn to build wealth in all areas of your life in the face of change, when Elana Daley and Olga Jones take on change.

4/12/07 - Flexibility from Dancing to Financing
We talk about goals and set them. We make our plans and apply them. How often to we re-evaluate when something goes awry? Are you one who gives up only to later realize if you had stuck with a program, any program you would be further along? REAP what you SOW starts with Redefining. This action in the process directly correlates to being flexible. Find out what happens when a dancer maintains flexibility and apply that same process to all aspects of your work, business, and life. Learn the process of stretching without injury in business. Listen to REAP what you SOW with Elana Daley as she simplifies success.

4/5/07 - Communication is Key
Deborah Peters, Peak Performance Coach, Neuro Engineering Institute, joins Elana Daley in an in depth discussion on communication. Find out what is more important, the spoken or unspoken messages of communication. Learn how and what to identify in the body language of others to make the experience not only more fulfilling but more profitable for everyone. From CEO to sales, communication occurs in all relationships. Deborah Peters brings new information and techniques to master communication. Listen to REAP what you SOW with Elana Daley and learn how Deborah Peters brings real communication into perspective.

March 2007

3/29/07 - Birthing your Purpose
Meet Randy Dolan, leader for the Institute of Noetic Sciences. Randy talks about the next step. He’ll share his experience of being a successful pilot and what has now become his focus on an entirely new career. We’ll have the opportunity to learn directly from Randy how to implement change with bliss, passion, and preparation. This show is a must learn for those who are considering what happens after retirement or how to create the retirement of your dreams. Learn how to transition long before it happens. Determine your purpose. Who says retirement is for the old? Dispel the assumption and listen carefully as Elana Daley and Randy Dolan dive into the search for purpose and meaning while remaining successful and focused.

3/22/07 - The Power of Awareness
Join Elana as she and Richard Moss engage in an exciting conversation about being in the now. Discover what obstructs your potential. Dr. Richard Moss talks about his most recent book, "The Mandala of Being, Discovering the Power of Awareness". We’ll learn the 4 places our mind goes when we leave the Now; how to implement the practical guidelines set forth in Richard’s newest and most transforming writing and realize a new level of our authentic self. The beauty of Richard’s work is how easily it works in business and in life. Listen to REAP what you SOW and live closer to your authentic self. (www.richardmoss.com)


3/15/07 - Nurture your Drive
Elana Daley discusses the difference between Nurture and Drive. She’ll address the way we take on tasks, what keeps us going, and how to remain focused while giving ourselves time. How can we nurture ourselves while remaining driven to achieve our goals and accomplishments? You’ll discover how easy it is to Nurture your Drive. Listen and learn as Elana Daley simplifies success on REAP what you SOW.


3/8/07 - Feng Shui in the Workplace
Elana Daley and Kartar Diamond will be discussing the importance of energy and how it works where you work. Learn from a master of Feng Shui what is necessary. Kartar will dispel myths and generalizations around Feng Shui and simplify the art to distinguish the reality from the hype. You’ll learn how to protect yourself from harmful environments, and incorporate practical solutions. Learn what will work for you and how to implement it at work and at home. Kartar is a best selling author and travels worldwide to provide consulting services. Listen and learn about what she has seen in her experience, gain inspiration, knowledge and practical solutions on how to make your surroundings more conducive to success.

January 2007

1/25/07 - Breakthrough in 2007
Dr. John Demartini returns to “REAP What You SOW” and discusses his latest seminar, the Breakthrough Experience. Find out what it will take to shed the old and redefine yourself in 2007. Educate yourself to new consciousness and Apply what you learn, then Plan 2007 like you’ve never planned before. Don’t miss this show if you want to really knock your socks off and create the life and business of your dreams. Join Elana Daley and Dr. Demartini on REAP what you SOW and simply be successful in 2007.

1/18/07 - Arrogance, Our Avoidance of Reality
Have you ever looked back and realized there were signs that told you not to make an investment choice, but you did it anyway? What about the time you had a sense of concern and moved forward only to find that it was a mistake? How many times have you been caught with your head in the sand refusing to acknowledge that maybe someone else does know better? When is risk worthwhile? How do you recognize the signs? We’ll discuss warning signs as well as our own arrogance that nullifies and influences our perceptions. We’ll set up a guideline to keep us focused and in tune with reality and our responsibility. Tune in to “R.E.A.P. What You S.O.W.” with Elana Daley to learn more.

1/11/07 - Harmonic Wealth with James Ray
Listen live to James Arthur Ray as he and Elana Daley speak candidly and in simplistic terms about success and wealth in all areas of life. He shares philosophies and teachings that are harmonious with REAP what you SOW. Learn from James Arthur Ray, philosopher, spiritual leader, and entrepreneur what it took to become so successful. Find out the 7 secrets of top performers and the 3 for 3 rule. Learn to ask for what you really want and become more conscious of how you ask for it.


1/4/07 - Time Management, Truth or Dare?
How many courses have you taken that promise to provide you with a time management plan? What stories are you telling yourself about time? When will you realize there is no such thing as time management? Learn the myths, mysteries, and truths about time management. Dare to step into a new way of thinking, planning, and organizing your life. Consider the option that time has nothing to do with achievement. Join Elana in this in depth look at how time is not the answer and find out what is. This is a show not to be missed when designing a future of success and abundance.


12/28/06 - Wrap Up- 2006

12/21/06 - Entrepreneurial Spirit

12/14/06 - Puppy Training: Creating the Work you Love (Interview: Ian Dunbar)

12/07/06 - The 3 P’s to Poverty

11/30/06 - Choose the Best Coach/Be the Best Coach (Interview: Natalie Tucker-Miller)

11/16/06 - The Power of “The Secret” with Dr. John Demartini

11/02/06 - Handling Mistakes, Complaints, and Criticism

10/26/06 - Health Matters in Success (Interview: Dr. James Rotello)

10/19/06 - R.A.P.P.O.R.T. - Find Out What It Means To Be

10/12/06 - Building a Company Strategically (Interview: James Walker)

10/05/06 - Value Added to Your Life

9/28/06 - Web Design: It’s More Than a Pretty Picture (Interview: Garm Beall)

9/21/06 - Mapping©, Not Just a Way to Get There

9/14/06 - REAP - It’s More Than Rewarding

9/7/06 - R.E.A.P. What You S.O.W. - What’s That Supposed To Mean?
Tune in as host, Elana Daley introduces herself and her new show. Training, inspiration, and masterful living techniques are what you can count on each week. Discussion includes definition of show title, what to expect, how to participate fully and truly reap rewards.








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