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The Productivity Cycle™

The Productivity Cycle provides a continuous process to create understanding, upgrade behavior, establish effective habits and achieve ultimate success. What results throughout the process is increased awareness, more focused direction, flexibility under pressure, and a more confident you.

Our training begins the cycle with Education – information that is shared in a new and inspiring manner, setting the goals, considering options, outlining the road map, clarifying new ideas, creating new meanings, discussing paradigms.

Practicing allows us to try on what we have learned in a secure environment. We create all possible scenarios, role play, use games, simulations, and other exercises to see results. We learn various techniques that we may use. Feedback to Education is for review, alternative explanations, and the development of more tools.

Real-time, real life application of practiced tools allows for growth. Participants are encouraged to try on the philosophies learned and practiced. Results are the key, as it provides true learning about what works. Feedback to Practicing helps us refine methods, deepen understanding, smooth difficulties, and discover our individual style.

Provide noticeable indicators established to encourage releasing limitations, creating new paradigms, and further refining techniques for optimum outcomes. It ensures the success of training for the participant. Feedback to Application promotes and reinforces growth, learning and additional refinements for any outcome or experience.

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