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Success Conditioning™ Series

CIT Success Conditioning©
Workout: Motivation

CIT Success Conditioning© improves business.  Make a difference in the lives of people and watch what results. These people can be anyone with whom we work, know or have made an acquaintance.

While participating, notice how relationships develop, credibility improves, and how feedback and business provides you a measure of success beyond predictability.

What motivates you? Write down a list of what motivates you in every area of your life. Consider what excites you, gets you to take action. See how and when it works and how you respond. Consider what stops you in each area. We want to look at and develop how to remain motivated regardless of circumstances.

Establish what motivates you in different areas of your life. For area each motivation, look at what about that gets you and keeps you going. Identify what will hold strong in the face of obstacles. Recognize what keeps you consistent within your accomplishments. Keep that list nearby.

Make a list of what you want in life. Consider all areas business or career, financial, love, relationships, family, health, education or any other areas. Initially choose one area and make that a focus for two weeks. Hint…the others will fall into place also.

With one specific area, write 3 of the best ways to motivate yourself, be completely honest. Write the information in an area of your home, office, auto that you will see daily. So if a post-it note works, use it and make it colorful. Read your motivation three times a day minimum. Ask yourself often, am I motivated? Give someone you know and trust a copy of your motivations and your focus. Ask them to keep you on track and engage them to do this exercise with you.

There are two intentions. The first is to identify what motivates us to achieve. The second is to identify how we get stuck and get ourselves back on track.

Share this with one or many. Create a group with those whom you trust and want to remain motivated. Remain objective and open. Ask the question: Is this forwarding my focus and does it still motivate me? Share your triumphs.

Upon conclusion, provide an email to ConceptsinTraining.com with the event and outcome.


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