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CIT Success Conditioning©
Workout: Find the Humor

CIT Success Conditioning© improves business.  Make a difference in the lives of people and watch what results. These people can be anyone with whom we work, know or have made an acquaintance.

While participating, notice how relationships develop, credibility improves, and how feedback and business provides you a measure of success beyond predictability.
Find the humor
This week take time to find humor or something funny in daily monotonous tasks. Observe how you communicate at different times of the day and with different people. Recall the giddy feeling you had when you were young. Engage others in the humor you experience.

Watch yourself this week while you perform monotonous tasks. Become conscious of how unconscious you’ve become when you drive to work, or brush your teeth, or walk the dog. Consider how seriously life is taken.

Observe your behavior. Consider how funny you may appear to someone else. Look at your life as if it were a TV sitcom. Detach from as many situations as possible. Tell someone what you are up to. Engage them in the process. Laughter is contagious. Tell everyone.

Look at how often you laugh in a day. Consider what you find funny and what you don’t. Put a spin on everything that you do without thinking. Make jokes out of what you do on a daily basis. Laugh at the person who cut you off on the freeway. Laugh or giggle 15 or more times daily. Be sure to let those, whom you interact with most, know what you are up to. Ask them to join you in the experience.

Do this with as many people as you can. If you have children, laugh with them. Make fun at your foibles and see what happens with everyone around you. The more authentic you are; the more laughter will result, the more fun you will have.

Ask those whom you engaged to tell you about what they experienced. Tell acquaintances what happened and allow them to respond. They too may have an anecdote to share.

Upon conclusion, provide an email to www.conceptsintraining.com with the event and outcome.


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