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Workout: Distractions

CIT Success Conditioning© improves business.  Make a difference in the lives of people and watch what results. These people can be anyone with whom we work, know or have made an acquaintance.

While participating, notice how relationships develop, credibility improves, and how feedback and business provides you a measure of success beyond predictability.

Exercise: Distractions
This week observe and account the number of distractions that reroute you from the goals you have set. Consider that these are areas that provide momentary bliss or immediate gratification. What excuses come to mind when you lose focus?

Distractions are different than interruptions. Distractions are those things that you choose to allow you to step away from the goal and actions consistent with the goal. Interruptions are momentary events that occur from an outside source. Distractions settle into procrastination.

On a sheet of paper, make 4 columns. Make a list of each distraction; write it with one word reference along with (one word) why you chose to engage the distraction. At the end of the first day, review the list. Notice how often you refocus on a distraction. Make notes. Consider the choice to engage the distraction may be resulting from some conversation in your head about the goal or the current action necessary to achieve the goal.

Challenge yourself the next day to remain focused on the goal. Continue to write down the distractions and shift the distraction to the manner in which you handle an interruption. This time write down on the 3rd column, the outcome based upon the consistent focus. Make notes regarding the outcomes.

Do this for one week (7 days). Check to see whether you are accomplishing more. Observe the responses of others and how they work with you. Watch relationships improve and shift. See how much closer to the goal you become.

Ask those whom you engaged to tell you about what they experienced. Tell acquaintances what happened and allow them to respond.

Upon conclusion, provide an email to www.conceptsintraining.com with the event and outcome.


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