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Success Conditioning™ Series

CIT Success Conditioning©
Workout: Contribution

CIT Success Conditioning© improves business. Make a difference in the lives of people and watch what results. These people can be anyone with whom we work, know or have made an acquaintance.

While participating, notice how relationships develop, credibility improves, and how feedback and business provides you a measure of success beyond predictability.

This week take time to contribute to others and allow others the opportunity to contribute to you. Consider that contribution is mutual and can be received and given simultaneously when allowed.

Contribution can be made in many ways and differently for each person. Make a point to contribute to someone in a way that is subtle, helpful, and understanding. Allow another to contribute to you and use the same criteria regardless of your opinion. Consider every interaction as an opportunity for contribution.

Any way you can be of service to someone at any level is an opportunity to contribute. Any form of experience can be viewed as a contribution. So how is really up to you. Keep in mind, what works best for the other person is what is recommended. Step outside you and step into their world when contemplating how and when to contribute.

If you are stuck in traffic, consider letting someone in your lane. If a co-worker has a question or suggestion, allow them the opportunity to share it with you. Make an extra effort to do something for someone at home, work, or anywhere. Open a door for someone. Hold the elevator for someone. Ask permission to make a recommendation or suggestion, it will be received more positively when the response is yes.

We want to improve our life and the lives of those around us, regardless of whether they are known to us or not. By being in contribution, we create an opening for that to happen.
Give the other person the opportunity to absorb the acknowledgement. Let them provide you with feedback and tell you their experience, previous or current.

Upon conclusion, provide an email to www.conceptsintraining.com with the event and outcome.


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