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CIT Success Conditioning©
Workout: Acknowledgement

CIT Success Conditioning© improves business.  Make a difference in the lives of people and watch what results. These people can be anyone with whom we work, know or have made an acquaintance.

While participating, notice how relationships develop, credibility improves, and how feedback and business provides you a measure of success beyond predictability.
This week take time to acknowledge as many people you know for doing something that made a lasting impression or that helped you in a way that was truly unexpected.

The person is someone with whom you have shared an experience. The experience made a truly profound difference for you or surprised you in some manner. The action of the other may have occurred within the last week, or within the last year. You may have wanted to acknowledge this person but for some reason, never got around to it.

Contact this person. Yes, make a personal connection. This can be accomplished by phone or in person. Do not leave the acknowledgement on a voicemail message or an email. Make an honest effort to contact this person. If you leave a message, ask for a return call. Do not let them know the context of the call.

When expressing your acknowledgement, be specific and relive the event with the other person. Give them your truest recall of what occurred for you as the event unfolded. If additional activity occurred, let them know. Allow the other person to get a true picture and sense of how they or the event positively affected you.

Do this with as many people as you can. If it helps to list names and events, make a list and relive the event as many times as needed prior to making the connection. The better you recall; the better the picture will be for the other person; the more intentional and authentic the call will be for everyone.

Give the other person the opportunity to absorb the acknowledgement. Let them provide you with feedback and tell you their experience, previous or current.

Upon conclusion, provide an email to www.conceptsintraining.com with the event and outcome.


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